Weekly Maintenance on Aug 20
2013-08-20      By PlaySnail
Weekly Maintenance on Aug 20
Dear players,

We will be undergoing a 4 hours weekly maintenance from 19:00 PM to 23:00 PM PST on August 20th. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you very much for all your support.


The update details are shown as below:

1.     Unlocked New System: [Wheel of Fate].

2.     Unlocked New Dungeon: [Tower of Kings].

3.   New Battle Rating Display: When a player's Battle Rating changes, the player will be able to see the change on screen via an animation.

4.   New Function Preview: Players can click on an icon in the top right of the screen to see previews of functions that have opened/will open at their current level and next level.

5.   Players now have 1 MP dungeon attempt per day: EXP, item drops have been multiplied by 3 (except for chests, summon items, etc.).

6.     Rune consumption rules adjusted. Players can now refine Runes immediately to obtain large amounts of Rune EXP with a chance to obtain bonuses.

7.     Fixed some bugs.

8.     Rune exchange events will be available due to the Rune System changes.

9.     Compensation for the maintenance.

10.   VIP Special Mount: Panda Guardian. VIP players will be able to activate this amazing mount freely with attribute bonus as the following screenshot shows. But please note that once your VIP has been expired, both the mount and the attribute bonus will disappear until you become VIP again.

Click here to learn about VIP privileges: http://wartune.playsnail.com/game/detail.html?577

Click here to learn how to become VIP: http://wartune.playsnail.com/game/detail.html?589